Woman Gives Birth To Twins From 2 Different Men, Her Husband And Her Lover

A Chinese woman got exposed most surprisingly- it is called heteropaternal superfecundation!

Many believe that nothing remains hidden forever, and one Chinese woman realized it in the most surprising way ever! The story of the woman from Xiamen City, China sounds so unbelievable, that many people doubted its credibility.

However, it turns out that our body is one great mystery, and this time, it exposed a cheater! The woman learned that she was carrying two babies, but they had a different father!

Yup, you read it right- she was carrying the child of her husband and her lover at the same time!

Is it even possible?

Apparently, there is something called heteropaternal superfecundation, a rare phenomenon that occurs when a woman has sexual intercourse with two men within a day before or after ovulation. In case she has released two eggs at the same time, both of them would be fertilized.

The rare phenomenon is estimated to happen in 1 of 13,000 fraternal twins. After the babies were born, her husband noticed that they had different noses, eyes, and mouths.

A Chinese newspaper explains that, after couples welcome their baby, they have to go to a local police station to register the birth. They are then required to provide proof that the children are theirs.

The paternity test showed that the man, who is going by the alias Xiaolong, was in no way related to one of the babies!

Even though she initially denied having cheated on her husband, and claimed he had falsified the results of the paternity test, the woman eventually revealed that she had a one-night stand, which eventually resulted in this awkward situation.

One of the babies was a fraternal twin so it was really easy for the husband to notice the huge difference between him and the baby. The disappointed dad agreed to take care of his baby, but wanted no further connection with the other baby whatsoever.

This is just one more example that cheating doesn’t pay off, does it?

Source: mamaslatinas.com


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