Unpopular Opinion? Some Moms Are Urging People to Stop Calling Their Pets “Fur Babies”

Our pets are equal members of our families and no one denies it. Yet, no matter how much we love them and would give everything for them, they are not out “fur-babies” “fur-grandbabies” “fur-niece/nephew”, although these terms might make us feel closer to them.

Having a pet is a true blessing. The bond the animal develops with the family is simply unbreakable, as all these cute and funny little fellows bring in the home is joy, love, care, and loyalty.

However, don’t you think that calling the pet a fur baby is a bit too much?

While no one has the right to tell you what is right and what’s wrong when it comes to your vocabulary related to your own pet, the term has become undeniably popular, and many use it to refer to their favorite animals in the world.

Namely, a fur baby is a term that the western world has started to use when speaking about their furry pets — that are often dogs.

Many of you might have used the term a few times before as well, and many of you might agree that it is one of the simplest ways to tell the rest of the world how much you adore your furry companion.

Yet, this practice seems to get people on Reddit pretty upset and some claim they are even offended.

If you use the term, you might find it confusing that people find it offensive.

Well, a lot of people out there have only pets and not kids. Therefore, the only ‘child-like’ thing in their lives that they take care of (besides plants) are their pets.

Yet, many other parents find it extremely frustrating to have their children compared to a tiny little chihuahua, for example.

Here are why most people hate when others call their pets fur babies:

  • While you might adore your pet and treat it like royalty, it is a fact that having a pet is much different than having a child.
  • Dogs and babies are different species, even though pet owners tend to humanize their pets. Our pets are not HUMANS.

Let me tell you one thing: your dog loves being a dog, and your cat adores being a cat. There is no logic( and no reason for) in humanizing them.

Our furry friends are our pets, not our kids, nieces, or nephews. They are animals, and they do not have the capacity for sentient thought or speech, or communication.

Your pet is just perfect the way he is. Then, why can’t we be happy with them without pretending to be their mothers and fathers?




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