The Heartwarming Moment Of A Playful Dolphin Jumping Out Of Water To Kiss Dog

This is one of the most inspirational moments ever recorded!

Animals always find ways to fascinate us!

These pure, loving, and amusing creatures are an infinite source of joy, and the video of a cheeky, playful dolphin giving his canine friend a kiss proves it once more!

While on an expedition with their marine biologist parents, the two dogs enjoyed the sunny day and the voyage.

At one point, they had an unusual encounter-with a curious dolphin who noticed the vessel and decided to follow it around!

The dolphin was particularly interested in the two dogs, that were in turn fascinated by the playful marine mammal!

Noticing their dogs’ enthusiasm, the two marine biologists decided to stop the boat, but what followed next surprised them too!

The joyous dolphin stuck his nose out of the water and gave one of the dogs a kiss!


Fortunately, the once-in-a-lifetime moment was caught on camera!

It’s featured in the renowned IMAX film “dolphins” by MacGillivray Freeman Films, which shows the fascinating creatures in their natural habitats.

Watch the incredible video below:



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