Lost Dog Waits At Lonely Pier For His Family To Come Back

A heart-melting Hollywood story happened in Bangkok.

A dog fell off a boat by accident in the middle of the ocean. This poor animal, managed to swim back to shore. Passing past sharks, waves and the occasional driftwood. A heroic and courageous feat that unto itself would have given him celebrity status.

Unbelievably, this is not all. This beautiful dog cemented himself on the jetty. Prowling, day in day out, across the columns and buttresses of the dock.

A constant sorrow overtaking him. Desperately looking for his family.

Unfortunately, they never returned. For over a month she was standing and staring off into the distant horizon searching for her family that she loved so much.

The whole thing looked hopeless, and it was already quite obvious that her family is not coming back. That, unless fate stepped in, this adorable and faithful dog would end up her days captivated by a mirage that would never become real.

Luckily, the fortune smiled at this adorable animal. A kind stranger was touched by this dog’s affection.

He adopted her and took her to live at his home near the docks. You can watch their amazing story below.

He gave her the name Tha Ruea, which means “Pier”, in honor of her longing.




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