Artist Creates Realistic Sand Sculptures That Tricks Most People Into Thinking They Are Real

It’s hard to ignore great art, and the art Andoni Bastarrika will leave you breathless. The Spanish artist attracted the attention of many art enthusiasts. He makes sand sculptures and his creations look so real that people stop for a double-check.

Andoni has made so many sand sculptures and tourists can’t ignore his masterpieces.

Take his hammerhead shark as an example. It looks like a real shark that has jumped onto the beach. It’s both scary and magical at the same time. Andoni has made sea turtles, mermaids, and other marine beauties. The artist also adds some garbage to the turtle to deliver a message. Stop throwing trash into the ocean!

Andoni used sand to make a really big octopus that looks like a creature from the Norse mythology, a baby elephant, mama elephant, a bull with real-size horns, horse, crocodile, gigantic lizards with 10-foot tongues, a hippo and many other sculptures.

What about the naked man lying on the beach? The great artist uses wood to make his sculptures.

“In order to create a sculpture, an unthinkable number of sand particles participate, hugging each other tightly through humidity, so that someone could model their union,” Andoni said. “And once the artist steps back, its piece will remain at the mercy of nature, meaning that sooner or later the wind will dry them up and release each particle, slowly consuming all the individuality and authenticity.”

The whole thing started in 2010. He enjoyed his time on the beach and started making his first sculpture. It was a little mermaid.

Sand sculptures are hard to make. Andoni holds workshops for everyone interested. The workshops are closed due to the coronavirus, but his clients still ask for personalized sand sculptures.



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