Adorably Large Dogs Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are

Let’s talk about people’s favorite animals of all time- Dogs.

If you truly love dogs, then perhaps you remember the first time ever you fell in love with one. Since that moment on, nothing is like it was before, right? Every time you would see a dog you just get overtaken by love and you probably weren’t able to withstand that. The same thing is with me, too! I can remember my first ever interaction with a dog very well. Little me and a huge dog, two times bigger than myself, just jumped on me and gave me the cutest and warmest hug in my life. Although, then and there, that dog seemed bigger but in real life, it was just an average size dog. However, let’s rewind and talk about big dogs, ok?

We all love puppies, that’s clearly certain, but what is even more cute are the large dogs who do not figure out the fact that they are huge. They still consider themselves as the tiniest little creatures who could fit on your lap or your couch or even the bed. They are so adorable! They are extremely cuddly, and it is very fun to be in their company. These large animals are in fact like our own personal bears that we could hug and love all day long.

Let’s check out some of these enormous cuties… see what follows bellow and have fun!

  1. It’s so nice waking up to this sight every morning.

Good morning to you too, sweetheart.

  1. Would surely be a difficult mission getting this baby into the shower.

Congrats on doing one hell of a job, human!

  1. Is that a small hooman or is that a large doggo?

Somewhere in a galaxy far, far away.

  1. Hello, I am a doggo, what are you?

I am glad to meet you doggo, I am a donko!

5.Does this pose make me look good?  

I think this is the best angle for me! – This doggo

  1. It would be to change places with this human.

Lowkey extremely jealous of this boy right here!

  1. Imagine walking through different cities with this dog by your side.

Or maybe running into him randomly on a vacation. Can’t. Get. Better.

  1. This doggo is aware of her own cuteness!

  1. The cat is just having none of it.

It seems someone is extra jealous of the huge dog today. Can I also get some attention, human?

  1. Squished but happy.

In sickness and in health, I shall be next to you hooman.

  1. When you know you’re about to get scolded so you turn on your doggo charm

Well, those puppy dog eyes can easily get you out of trouble, that’s for sure. I should learn some of those tricks.

  1. Who do you think is cuter?

It doesn’t matter, it is a hard choice anyway.

  1. We are pretty convinced that all the teddy bears would be small for this big bear.

Sorry, we meant doggo.

  1. Why the long face?

Want someone to look at me like this girl is looking at the doggo.

  1. Obviously sitting is a very difficult duty.

Instead, let’s just stand on the lap with our butts. Wait, does that sound right? Whatever …

  1. Does somebody need a blanket?

A fluff ball is all you need.

  1. Yes, because everyone cuddles in the hallway.

Frankly, everyone would do it with this doggo.

  1. Not sure if this one is just bleeping or blowing raspberries.

Either way, this doggo is the cutest. You can’t even change our minds, even if you give your best effort.

  1. Happiness is meeting your doggo after a long day.

Or just playing outside ion the yard.

  1. Take a look at the little jealous doggo trying to get in the photo.

Why would you not let the lil one in hooman? We want to see the entire fam bam.

  1. The big baby is jealous of the new little baby.

It could be just extra protective, though …

  1. Don’t mind me, just casually sitting on your lap.

I hope this is not a problem for you …

  1. Happiest when we are together.

This kind of bed time tops anything else.

  1. Majestic.

Nothing left to add here.

  1. He’s practically covering half of her body.

Could he be any bigger?!

We told you these dogs aren’t just huge, they are extraordinary. Their cuteness is just too much. Actually, in our opinion, the larger the dog, the more there is to love. And although they are colossal, we know for certain that they are little babies from their hearts. There are still many more for you to see before you pick your favorite ones, jbtw. So keep scrolling and keep up the fun!

  1. Bone-appetit.

Bone can sit on my lap 24/7.

  1. But where is the hoomans face?!

Well, that’s a good one, great illusion trick.

  1. He doesn’t seem interested in that hug…

He is like: Must. Resist. The. Love.

  1. Guard mode = on.

This is one of the cutest things ever!

  1. I will always be in your lap, hooman. And I mean all the time.

It’s not clear if that is a dog or a very beautiful rug.

  1. The moment all your babies need attention simultaneously.

Dad’s gotta carry them all at once. It is his job.

  1. This is almost as big as her woman pal.

Merry Christmas, indeed.

  1. When you have the beauty of this polar bear dog

You are destined to become a showpiece.

  1. This dog is two times bigger than her!

Either that, or she is unusually tiny.

  1. Dad dog.

With a dad bod. Or maybe those are the abs…

  1. This girl is practically on her tippie toes…

This doggo is capable of eating me entirely.  And I wouldn’t even mind.

  1. A dog, a girl, and a bear.

One of a kind trio. The perfect one.

  1. Is there a hooman in this image?

I’m not sure, is a tough answer.

  1. Nothing but smiles.

Absolutely adorable.

  1. I think if it was me standing on this counter, it would seem bigger.

It is the opposite with this doggo.

  1. An alternative way of sitting;

Not sure if this is an extremely adorable way of sitting or just a weird one.

  1. Not happy at all!

But, how is that possible? How could someone be so angry when this beautiful dog is right next to him?

  1. World’s biggest baby.

We just wish that we were in position to cuddle with this baby, too.

  1. Growing old together!

The kinda life that everyone should wish for.

  1. I am sure I would not be scared if I had an encounter with him in the woods.


  1. When nobody likes taking pictures but you can’t live without getting papped.

That smile is simply charming!

  1. Must protect hooman from a nasty sunburn.

I’m only doing a protecc for your sake hooman.

  1. An actual beast.

What a furr! <3

  1. When the front post doesn’t fit in the camera

You have to use your imagination.

  1. Cow-dog.


Sadly, this is the end of this beautifully large doggos exhibition. But, don’t worry, we will come up with more of these in no time! Until then, let us know which one is your favorite by leaving your comments below.

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