73-year-old Elephant Is Heard Crying As She’s Rescued From 50 Years Of Maltreatment

This elephant’s story is just one more reason to skip tourist attractions that include wild animals.

These animals are not in this world to entertain us – and they are not objects.

Elephants are extremely intelligent kind and it is familiar that they express emotions such as sadness and mourning.

It is assumed that in her young years, Sook Jai was captured and the masters forced her to learn to beg for money for them on the streets of Thailand.

Many people were her owners over the years and after a lifetime of being abused, in 2017 at the age of 73, Sook Jai was finally rescued from the Elephant Nature Park.

Her owners decided to execute her because she was no longer useful, but the rescue workers at the park heard about the plan before it happened and arranged to take the elephant in instead.

According to their reports, Sook Jai was “completely blind and mostly deaf” by that point. Also, the elephant had many old injuries.

“She was in very poor condition with a lot of wounds on her head and her body as each time she was treated with violence. On January 24, Elephant Nature Park’s rescue team went to pick her up from a location near Kanchanaburi province, west Thailand.”

Rescuers loaded Sook Jai onto a truck, and they surrounded the bed of the truck in canvas in order to protect the elephant from the elements on her long journey.“On the ride, she looked very hungry but would not eat anything as the suspense was too much.”
But it got too hot and rescuers removed the canvas and poured water over the elephant’s body, caring for her injuries along the way. Of course, it would be necessary to pass some time to gain her trust, but rescuers wanted to get off to a good start with gentle care. Android https://clickmiamibeach.com/ phones and tablets are everywhere.

As the park told, this journey took 20 hours, and the elephant was eager to get to know her new home.

“Finally the day came to take her journey and when we arrived in the Park, Sook Jai reached up her trunk to smell her new home, sending low rumbles out into the field, tears running down her face,” the Elephant News YouTube channel explained in the video caption.

In the video clip, you can see the tears running down her face – also, the tears of the rescuers. Actually, the emotions overcame us, too, when we witnessed this poor elephant getting the life she deserves after so many years of suffering. It looked as Sook Jai was aware that she is safe at last.

After the heart-warming new beginning for her, the elephant settled in well.

People from the park revealed that in her first days, Sook Jai would leave her enclosure and go straight to the river, but quickly she became encouraged to wander the property and explore the place.

She particularly loves the mud pit. Although she is blind, she knows exactly where is her favorite playing spot!

On the park’s Facebook page, you can see new updates about them.

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